Bucks Passivhaus+

One of a handful of net zero energy houses in the UK, this Passivhaus is one of the top three most airtight houses in the UK.

The five-bedroom detached house was designed to meet the exacting Chiltern’s Design Guide, addressing planning concerns on visual impact within its Green Belt setting. The house is a mix of lime render, brick slip with lime mortar, and oak feather edge cladding. There are also two traditional green oak verandas. The house incorporates a ‘Glatthaar’ basement system which is within the Passivhaus envelope. The project clearly demonstrates very clearly that a net zero energy house can be achieved in a typical UK vernacular style.

Passivhaus Plus Statistics:

TFA 317sqm. Form Factor 2.43. Average wall/roof U value 0.085W/m2K, floor 0.07W/m2K Average whole window/door U values from 1.02-0.85W/m2K. Heating demand 11.1 kWh/m²a, heating load 7.3 W/m2. Final air-tightness result 0.07 ach@50Pa. PV: 7kW peak array.