Ha-Ha House

An unusual site within the curtilage of a locally listed building, the design sits in front of the old Ha-Ha wall. The setting determined a single storey structure with extensive front glazing, shaded by a full width covered terrace.

Designed with architect Richard Maddock for his own home, this is a single storey modern design sited in front of an old stone retaining wall, creating a striking juxtaposition of old and new. Modifications were made to the original design to bring it up to Passivhaus performance standards, and to meet the challenging construction budget. The construction package was then detailed using the PH15 System. External finishes are lime render and western red cedar wood cladding, with a living roof. Windows and doors are Katzbeck Linea range.

Passivhaus Statistics:

TFA 133sqm. Form Factor 4.1. U-values of walls and roof 0.076W/m2K, floor 0.071W/m2K. Heating load 9.8W/m2. The single storey design makes getting to Passivhaus a challenge (poor form factor). Using the PH15 System ensures that the building performance challenges (such as eliminating linear cold bridges) are fully addressed at minimal additional cost. GFA 139m².