Bloomsbury House

A deep retrofit to a challenging listed building that shows energy efficiency is applicable to the entire housing stock.

This grade II listed townhouse had been used as an office space for a century. The conversion back to a family home allowed for a deep low-energy retrofit to occur alongside best practise conservation. The terrace form provided a desirable form factor. By adding modest amounts of insulation and an innovative window upgrade the performance of the house has been transformed from gas guzzler to near Passivhaus.

Passivhaus Statistics:

TFA 367sqm. Form Factor 1.9. U-values of walls and roof 0.15W/m2K, floor 0.2W/m2K. Average whole window/door U values 1.0W/m2K.  Heat demand 21 kWh/m²a, Heating load 16W/m2. Final air-tightness result 1.1 ach@50Pa.