Akerman Road

A combination of three new-build Passivhaus homes and a suite of six retrofitted flats for Lambeth Housing.

This multi-unit scheme was delivered for Lambeth Housing by 15-40 in 2017. Two Victorian buildings which used to house a hostel have been converted to low energy high comfort flats and the vacant site alongside has been infilled with three large family homes that have been certified to Passivhaus standard. The design of the project needed to work within the constraints of the sensitive conservation area. The project was delivered within standard costs for similar works.

Passivhaus Statistics:

TFA 124sqm per unit. Form Factor 1.8. Average wall/floor/roof U value 0.11 W/m2K, average whole window/door U values 0.85W/m2K. Heating demand 15 kWh/m²a, heating load 9 W/m2. Final air-tightness result 0.4 ach@50Pa.