Acomb House

This two storey detached house is built in a conservation area and uses clay bricks dug out of the ground just 9 miles away using an extra side cavity wall construction. The bricks provide a simple but subtly textured finish. Decorative brick fins on the north windows enliven the surface as well as responding to the design constraint of overlooking. The beauty and character of brick building is maintained while achieving high standards of thermal performance and comfort. This house was certified as a Passivhaus in December 2015 and was a UK Passivhaus Awards Finalist in 2016. The client said of the project:

"In my mind's eye, I saw a house that was simple and beautiful, plain but not austere, low energy and low tech, built with sustainable materials wherever affordable, with high ceilings and flooded with light from every direction. Thanks to the project team I now have a home that is all this and much more"